About Us

 Senseful Healing was started by Daniel Wilson with the mission to provide high-quality holistic options at prices that are affordable for everyone. Our mission is to share sustainably grown sage and other holistic practices with our community.

All of sage is grown responsibly and sustainably on private land. We work directly with the farmers to ensure the highest quality for this sacred plant. We also never remove the root, allowing these plants to grow back without damaging the environment in the process. Our plants are also all grown in California. This is very important to us, because it is a sad reality that some companies import sage cheaply from other countries. However, much of the sage grown outside of the United States does not protect their farmers, and often destroy the land they use.

Burning sage is also a sacred Native American practice and we ask that when you purchase from us, please take seriously the weight of this with the utmost respect. If you are happy with the sage and other products you order from us, we would appreciate it if you spread the word.

Thank you and many blessings!