All of our sage is grown sustainably on private land in California. We work directly with the farm to ensure the health of these plants. The farmers protect the roots, allowing our sage to grow back year after year without damaging the environment in the process.

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Blue Sage

Blue Sage: (Artemisia tridentata) is named for its abundant blue flowers, but the leaves also have a blue-ish cast. It has thin leaves and a fragrance that is both herbaceous and floral, similar to Lavender. Blue sage is great for healing and cleansing rituals. It's soothing, relaxing smell can be used to aid meditation, or burned simply for enjoyment. Blue sage is commonly used to welcome abundance, health, and balance to your life.

Cedar Sage

Cedar Sage: (Calocedrus decurrens)is one of the oldest plants used in smudging. The smell of Cedar is woodsy and fresh. It recalls ancient forests, and invokes their protection and wisdom. Both the wood (in the form of chips or shavings) and the foliage make effective smudges. Cedar smudges carry a medicine of protection. Side by side with rosemary and white sage, cedar is one of the most aggressively cleansing smudges you can choose. Cedar sage is used to drive out negative energy, attract positive influences, and to bless a new house or space.

Desert Sage

Desert Sage: (Artemisia californica - sometimes called Mountain Sage or Desert Magic) is an aromatic shrub that thrives in the desert. It has a warm herbaceous aroma that is a bit peppery (think bay leaves or mint tea). It is used for cleansing & purifying, protection, and inner-strength. It is said to bring pleasant thoughts and relieve anxiety.

Dragon's Blood Sage

Dragon’s Blood Sage: Dragon's Blood or Red Sage is made from coating sage in a natural resin made from the sap of the Socotran Dragon tree (​Draceana cinnabari). This can be done with any sage variety, but we use white sage ( Salvia apiana) to combine the most powerful cleansing sage with the properties of the dragon's blood resin. It has strong, somewhat sweet fragrance not unlike vanilla and spices. Our dragon's blood sage is used to drive out negative forces, release an enduring calm into your space, and to promote sexuality and love.

Juniper Sage

Juniper Sage: (Juniperus communis) has a sweet and spicy "Christmas tree" fragrance and abundant blue berries. Similarly to cedar sage, juniper is one of the oldest known plants used in smudging. Juniper is said to have a masculine, protective energy, and is used in spells of cleansing and prosperity. Juniper is best used for blessing a new venture or dwelling, and inviting in abundance.

Mugwort Sage

Mugwort Sage: (Artemisia vulgaris -  also known as Magical Sage, Black Sagebrush, and Dream Weed) is used to encourage dreams and visions, Mugwort Sage is an herb of introspection and inner healing. When burned before bedtime, it aids in restful sleep and pleasant dreams. Mugwort is used for astral travel, shamanic journeying, and for protection during such excursions.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo: This ancient wood traditionally comes from South America and means Holy Wood. Palo santo purifies the spirit and clears negative energy. It is also known to inspire creativity, bring a deeper connection to the divine source, and guide physical healing.

Rosemary Sage

Rosemary Sage: (Rosmarinus officinalus) is often an herb used in cooking with an assertive fragrance, but this woody perennial may also be used for smudging. It clears negativity, inspires confidence, and invigorates the mind and body. Rosemary is an old world herb with a long history of being used in incenses, and so makes a great alternative for Western practitioners.

Selenite Wands

Selenite Wands: Selenite is a form of gypsum occurring as transparent crystals. It is used to shield you from outside influences through evoking protection from the angelic realm. It helps to dispel all negative energy from the body and mind, and thus brings calming energies, deep peace and mental clarity. Selenite uses the crown chakra and third eye chakra.


Sweetgrass: (Hierochloe odorata or Anthoxanthum nitens—also known as Seneca Grass, Holy Grass, Vanilla Grass, Mary’s Grass, and Bison Grass) is an aromatic herb native to northern Eurasia and North America. Traditionally, it is burned it to drive out evil and harm, and allow benevolent spirits to approach. Ancient lore states that Sweetgrass is the hair of the Earth Mother, and invokes love, kindness, and honesty. Sweetgrass smells of fresh hay with hints of warm vanilla. It induces a mellow, almost soporific state when burned (it contains coumarin, which is thought to be mildly psychoactive).

White Sage

White Sage: (Salvia apiana) is often the most well-known ceremonial sage variety - it is typically used for mediation, cleansing, and purification of a space or person. White sage has been gathered for thousands of years by Native Americans, particularly the Chumash. It is regarded as a sacred plant— an important source of food, medicine, and benevolent spirit. White Sage is herbaceous, sweet, and slightly astringent. It's similar to Eucalyptus, but more complex. All of our sage is carefully gathered with the proper prayer and observances during harvest.

Yerba Santa Sage

Yerba Santa Sage: (Eriodictyon glutinosum and Eriodictyon californicum) also known asthe Holy Herb and Mountain Balm is a strong, earthy-scented sage variety used for the purpose of both purification and renewal of oneself. It got its common name from Spanish monks who were impressed with its healing properties. Yerba Santa is burned to honor ancestors, increase connection to the spiritual realm, and to bring healing and protection. It can also be used to welcome love and empowerment.