What is Smudging?

Smudging is traditionally a ceremony for purifying or cleansing the spirit of negative energy, or cleansing and blessing a home or space. This ceremony is comprised of burning sacred herbs or resins. Throughout history many different cultures have burned herbs and plants in their own sacred practices. Smudging in North America has widely been used by the Native peoples. Each herb or resin offers a specific purpose or intention. During a smudging session or ceremony, the intention is to connect to the energy and spirits around us to cleanse and manifest these benefits into our lives. Smudging can take many forms and there is a lot to explore. We have some helpful resources if you're just starting out or maybe just want some additional knowledge to incorporate into your own practice.

Senseful Healing sage is 100% organic, sustainably harvested and ethically sourced. We do not, and will not ever sell sage grown in harmful conditions or from poachers. I ask that when you buy from us, please be intentional in your practice. We always strive to respect the tradition of smudging and spiritual healing. We are committed to respecting this practice and welcome open dialogue with anyone. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us

  • Blue Sage - Senseful Healing

    The Purpose of Sage

    Want to learn more about the purpose that each sage variety is burned for? Here you can learn about every type of sage and when to use them.

    About our Sage 
  • Smudging Feathers - Senseful Healing

    Smudging Guide & Blessings

    Explore our detailed smudging guide to learn more about the practice and how to do it.

    How to Smudge 
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