If you're brand new to smudging or just want a quick refresher, our detailed smudging guide will help you create a more meaningful and spiritual intention for your practice.

Most people are accustomed to using white sage, but there are many varieties! Before you read through our guide, you may want to start here to learn which sage is right for you.

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Choosing your medium

Every smudging session should be conducted with a few basic elements on hand. The first of these is the medium with which you are smudging. This medium can take many forms like aromatic sweetgrass, Peruvian palo santo, traditional white sage, or any other sage variety. Additionally, the sage can be in a bundle/stick (the traditional method) or burned in loose leaf form.

Selecting your vessel

After you have chosen the medium with which you will be smudging, it is important to consider safety. Most people smudge indoors, so it is especially important to consider your container. This container is what you will use to lay the sage in during and after smudging. The traditional Native practice is to use an abalone shell as your vessel, but any ceramic bowl will also do. As long as the bowl isn't plastic or glass (glass can heat and burn your hands on contact), then it will be able to hold the sage and embers safely.

Avoid your breath

The third element to consider is how you will be fanning the embers. Did you notice that we didn't say blow? Traditionally it is thought that blowing on the smoke will blow away the benevolent spirits that are trying to help you. So, when you're smudging use an instrument like a smudging feather, cloth, fan, or even your hand to waft the embers. If your sage burns out that is completely fine, simply relight your smudging medium with a match or lighter.

Setting your intention

The fourth and most important basic element of smudging is your Blessing or Intention. Energy is everything here. If your energy is nervous, sad, angry, or distracted - it's best to wait to smudge until you are in a calm, focused state of mind. When we smudge we are asking the Great Spirit or other spirits to guide us in our lives, it is very important to set our intention for the session or say our Blessing with purpose. There is a free smudging guide included with every order, but you are welcome to set your own intention or say your own Blessing before your smudging session.

Smudging Instructions

1. Burn sage in a well-ventilated area. Do not leave burning sage unattended. Keep away from animals, children, and flammable materials.

2. Prepare by thinking positive thoughts and say your blessing, intention, or prayer. Never blow on the smoking sage; you’ll blow away your spirit and positive energy.

3. Hold the sage stick at one end and point it downward at a 45-degree angle, bring a flame to the downward-pointed tip, and rotate the stick to light the sage evenly. Light the stick until it catches fire. Put out the fire by blowing it out with a feather or with your hand. Fan the sage to develop a nice, even ember. To increase the amount of smoke the sage produces, fan the ember or relight to increase its size.

4. Place the smoking sage in a non-flammable bowl or shell to catch ash and embers.

5. Smudge your body with the smoke; cleanse yourself with the smoke. Smudge your hands to prepare yourself for the ritual. Smudge your legs so you walk through life in a good way. Smudge your mouth to speak good things. Smudge your eyes to see good things. Smudge your ears to hear good things. Smudge your heart to feel good things. Smudge your head to think good things.

6. Smudge the room you're in by moving the smoking sage around the room to cleanse the entire room from floor to ceiling and from corner to corner. Move on to the next room, if desired, and repeat the process.

7. You can smudge other people or objects by moving the stick around the person’s body or object from top to bottom in counter-clockwise motions.

8. To prevent the embers from dying out, fan the embers or relight as needed. When you are done using the stick, snuff out the embers in your smudging bowl or shell.

9. You can repeat all of these steps with the palo santo instead of the sage bundle.

10. If you are also practicing crystal healing, place your selenite wand outside at night with the moonlight. Selenite can be used to amplify the properties of your other crystals.


Great Creator, I come before you with an open heart.

I ask that you hear me, and I thank you for this sacred plant.

I respectfully light this sacred plant and humbly call on its spirit.

As it's sacred smoke touches my body, I ask that it cleanse my mind, body, and spirit.

As its sacred smoke fills this room, I ask that it purify, protect, and bless this space.

As its sacred smoke rises, I ask that it carry away all negativity, fears, and attachments.

As this sacred smoke leaves, I ask that light, joy, and love take its place.

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