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Palo Santo (3 Pack)

Palo Santo (3 Pack)

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Palo santo purifies the spirit and clears negative energy. It is also known to inspire creativity, bring a deeper connection to the divine source, and guide physical healing.

The Perks

📖  Free smudging & blessings guide included with every order with details and instructions

🌿  Ethically sourced and sustainably grown on private land in California

🤝  If you have any questions about how to smudge we are here to help

🌎  Our sage is carefully harvested to protect the plants and preserve the environment

🌕  Cleanse your space, negative vibes, and welcome positivity

Purpose & Intention

Every sage variety offers its own unique benefit and purpose. Below you can learn more about what is included in this selection:

Palo Santo: This ancient wood traditionally comes from South America and means Holy Wood. Palo santo purifies the spirit and clears negative energy. It is also known to inspire creativity, bring a deeper connection to the divine source, and guide physical healing.

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Customer Reviews

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Palo Santo & Cedar

I emailed Senseful Healing regarding a few questions I had for their stock of Palo Santo after encountering unethically sourced stocks from other vendors. I was happy with their transparency in sharing their visions and current knowledge regarding sustainability and ethics. Ideally, everything we own and produce, from food to electronic devices, would be done with care and morality, yet this reality will take time to manifest. However, I am very strict and unwavering in my pursuit and accountability for self-proclaimed healers and spiritualists who sell products of healing without including the healing part; those who dance around my questions or give an air of deceit are disregarded as I continue my search elsewhere.

The live streams that I've attended on their TikTok feel authentic in their desire for genuine healing, and they also appear to do the best to their ability and knowledge of sourcing from an honest, heart-centered space. My very first order of Palo Santo and Cedar felt nice when burned; the second bundle of Palo Santo admittedly has a different aroma and energy to it, but compared to my other experiences, it doesn't feel abnormal. Energy is constantly transforming and moving, but as long as it's moving in the right directions, I'm happy to lend my own support toward worthwhile efforts. I hope to see more literature published and shared by Senseful Healing as they continue to grow and educate themselves and others on sustainability, transparency and accountability in the healing community. As long as this momentum continues, I'll continue to recommend them.